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Hebrew School is $550/child + $25 book fee per child annually.

A $100 discount per child is available for Chai Club members of $36/month or more.

Payment Plans:

  • Plan A: Pay the entire amount in full by check or credit card (a 3% service charge will be added to credit card payments)
  • Plan B: Pay the annual tuition by check on a monthly basis over 10 months. Submit 10 head checks of $55/child on first day of Hebrew School.  (Please note that we do keep a credit card on file just in case)
  • Plan C: Pay with credit card on montly basis over 10 months. Please use the buttons below to sign up with PayPal. If you don't use PayPal, click here and submit a monthly donation for the applicable amount.
Regular Tuition
Discount (for Chai Club members)