Kiddush is possibly the most important part of Shabbat services, as food has a most prominent place in our religion.  To sponsor a kiddush, call Rabbi Abrams (951) 234-4196.

We currently offer the following tiers for sponsorship:

  1. Standard Kiddush-  Wine, cake/cookies, corn chips, dips, cholent, bottled drinks plasticware, clean-up. Cost $100*
  2. Deluxe Kiddush- Includes Standard kiddush + Challah, Tuna/Egg salad, Green salad, fruit platter. Cost $360*
  3. Cook Whatever you want at the rabbi's house- Includes standard kiddush.  Cost -$500 plus cost of extra food!  

 * Chai Club members of $36/month or more get a 50% discount on Kiddush