Amazing hashgacha protis story I think is worth sharing:
Yitzi hurwitz lives in LA now in the "Moshiach building" right next to yeshiva. The bochurim are regular visitors by his house, we go there to sing nigunim, bochurim have kevius'n with him in learning etc.
Today (it's late motzai shabbos here) was his birthday, so after shabbos there was a farbrengen in his house. Since it was also a father son shabbos for mesivta a lot of shluchim (from all around California and some out of towners) were by yeshiva so they were also mishtatef in the farbrengen and it was very shturemdik.
Yitzi is unfortunately not able to communicate by any way other than a special computer screen which is able to read where is eyes are looking and he can type that way one letter at a time. It takes him a while to type but he can write words out that way and look at a different button and the computer reads it out.
Rabbi zippel from Utah was also here for shabbos and he came to the farbrengen. He also came in with a not frum looking teenager. When rabbi zippel came in yitzi asked him to speak.
He said two stories. First was about how he got his current chabad building thru making a psak din with other shluchim that the building belongs to chabad (based on a letter his mother in law got in igros at that time) which was an amazing story, followed by which all the shluchim at the farbrengen paskened that yitzi is and will be gezunt.
But the main amazing thing was the second story. He said that in his shlichus he deals a lot with troubled teens. So he said that about two hours ago he got a text from one of the teens he knows that he feels like his life is hopeless and he is taking his life (in rabbi zippel's lashon he is going to have a meeting with his creator). The boy tried commiting suicide but fortunately he failed. And rabbi zippel contined that this boy is sitting right here next to me. That teenager who was at the farbrengen had just a couple hours before tried killing himself (I think I noticed bandages on his wrists under his sleeves but I could have been dreaming). Rabbi zippel said he brought him here to show him what it means not to give up hope even in very tough situations.
Yitzi then said on his machine that he wants to read out what he wrote for yud shvat. He played out a whole long email he had written before yud shvat about how the yidden at krias yam suf were trapped on both sides and it looked hopeless but hashem told Moshe "daber el bnei yisroel viyisau" and they had a yeshua. So too yitzi writes about himself that regardless of how the situation looks he has bitachon. And he tries to use out the situation to lift up others.
Then this kid got up to speak and was crying saying how seeing this just changed his whole font-size: 12.8000001907349px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Yitzi typed out on his machine "we love you and hashem loves you".

If you think about all the protim, how this guy happened to try taking his life the one shabbos rabbi zippel was in la, and there was this farbrengen, and yitzi had spoken about this exact issue for yud shvat etc etc we can see the amazing hashgacha protis!

Gutte voch, Moshiach Now!