The Kabbalah is the mystical side of Torah. Please click here to read more about it (an article from our website).

At Chabad of Temecula, we study authentic Kabbalah & Chassidus with explanations for normal people (we aren't those voodoo guys) every Shabbat, Saturday morning from 9:15-10 AM (Click here for address).

Learning Kabbalah & Chassidus answers questions like "Who am I?", "Who is G‑d?", "What is the world?", "Why did G‑d create me?". It also uses the method of "Through my flesh, I see G‑d". This method takes a closer look at the biological anatomy as well as the pyschological anatomy of people and uses it as a tool to understand who G‑d is, since "man was created in G‑d's image". Fill out the form below and we'll give you a call or simply call (951)234-4196. Cheers.