Torah Trivia

Every week, we learn a new Torah Trivia fact and review most of the previously learned facts.  These are facts that every Jew should know and we want the kids to know them backwards and forwards.  They include facts like "Who was the first Jew?", "What does mitzvah mean?" and "What is kiddush?".  If you'd like to see the handbook with all of the facts to review with your child, click the link below.  While we don't expect the kids to know most of these facts after a few weeks or even a full year, by the time they leave Hebrew School, they will be confident about these Jewish basics.

Click here to see our Torah Trivia handbook 

Aleph Champ Homework Instructions

At Chabad Hebrew School, we don't have homework.  Kids are totally overwhelmed with homework from school and our #1 goal is to make Jewish friends and enjoy Judaism.  

We do however have an awesome Hebrew reading program that allows the kids to progress at their own pace.  If your child is excited about learning Hebrew and wants to become a "Black" aleph champ, help yourself to these files and learn away! 

 Aleph Champ Levels:

 White  - Master the first 18 letters of the Aleph Bet.

  Red  - Master all 32 letters of the Aleph Bet.

 Orange  - Master the first 3 vowels with letter combinations.

 Yellow  - Master the first 6 vowels with letter combinations.

 Green - Master the first 9 vowels with letter combinations.

 Blue  - Master all the vowels and exceptions to the rules.

 Purple  - Master reading basic prayers.

 Brown  - Master reading higher level Tefillot.

 Grey - Master reading from the Siddur in a timed fashion.

 Black  - Master reading over 100 words in a minute.