While we have gleaned the best practices from Montessori & Reggio, we are an academic-play based program. It is our strong belief that the language of children is play. It is how they explore the world and build the foundation for their education later on. The goal of preschool is to make sure that each child has the tools necessary to navigate life later on. 

Children develop on their own time table, and it is important for parents to allow them to develop as such. 
We are a Jewish preschool and many of the things we learn and play with are through the lenses of the Torah (Bible) and Jewish holidays. For example, we teach about trees before Tu B’Shvat, the Jewish birthday of the trees. This way, the children realize that even learning about trees is Jewish!
As for curriculum, our guide is the DRDP. The DRDP lays out eight “domains” of child development. The eight domains are:



1.       Approaches to learning & self-regulation

2.      Social & emotional development

3.       Language & literacy development

4.      English language development

5.       Cognition, including math & science

6.      Physical development & health

7.       History & social science

8.      Visual & performing arts

These domains are subdivided into 56 unique “measures”. Each week, we focus on practicing & observing a minimum of four measures. This focus expresses itself in the activities we engage in during the week, the individual interactions between children, and heightened awareness to this development area.
In summary, our philosophy is to nurture each child’s development in every domain through the lense of Judaism.