Q. What makes the Garden Preschool different?

A.  We are intentional

Now here's what that means:

During the early childhood years, a child’s brain and learning are in the most critical phase of development. 
What sets good preschools apart from the mediocre ones is how intentional they are in creating optimal learning environments. Mediocre facilities go with the flow, do fun things and try to give the kids a good time (the bad ones are the ones that try to bribe and pacify children to happiness).
Our mission is to strive for excellence and always be “intentional” in our physical environments, interactions with one another, and differentiating instruction for each child.


Here's how we do it:
Every parent wants to know if their child is “up to par”, especially in the crucial early childhood years. The state of California has an invaluable and widely used tool called the DRDP (Desired Results Developmental Profile). It outlines 56 areas of child development from attention span, to cognition, to dancing. The DRDP was intended as an official evaluation of a child’s development, but is also an indispensable curriculum tool. Every high quality early childhood program should be able to tell you how they plan on nurturing and evaluating your child’s development.

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