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You can join our seder (link here) or purchase items to have a seder at home.

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$ 23.00
This is Farbrengen Melody Wine 1.5l is double regular size bottle This wine is only 4% alchohol
$ 15.00
Beautifully explained and illustrated traditional haggadah for the whole family to be on the same page and understand everything going on. Comes with extra song booklet with transliterated songs.
$ 4.50
$ 25.00
Seder Plate Kiddush Cup Seder plate items (bone, egg, horseradish, romaine lettuce, boiled potato, charoses)
Priced per person Includes small seder plate and their food items, disposable utensils, and full seder meal (salad, fish, main course) Pickup is only on day of seder after 12 PM
$ 60.00
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