Chabad of Temecula

Chai Club

Silent Heros

People need help and love, and you can be their hero.  Your monthly contribution is significant and enables every mitzvah we do.


At Chabad, we don't charge membership, but we still have bills to pay.  The Chai Club enables our supporters to spread out their support throughout the year, keep us going through the dry months, and have more mitzvahs!

Habit of Kindness

Maimonides teaches that it's better to give numerous, smaller donations, than one lump sum, even though they add up to the same amount.  The logic is twofold:  (1) Each individual mitzvah has unique value irregardless of the size. (2) The more acts of giving we do, we nurture a habit of kindness within ourselves which pays dividends in every area of our lives.

How much?

A little more than you were thinking.  The Rebbe taught us to always push ourselves, a little bit at a time.  At the same time, try to pick an amount that you'll be comfortable keeping steady.


Helene Berren


Rosemary Hough

How Long is the commitment?

For as long as you'd like. Our system will charge your card monthly until you decide to increase or otherwise. Just let us know and we'll take care of it.

What if I don't want my card charged every month?

You can also be a "matcher" for our year end campaign and make your donations in single, bi-annual, or quarterly installments.

Where does this money go towards?

Overhead. Our goal is to cover individual programs with fees and sponsorships, and to cover overhead with unmembership.

Doesn't Chabad have lots of money?

Each Chabad center is LOCALLY funded. We do not get any major funding from Chabad HQ, and each center is individually managed and funded. We're extremely grateful for your partnership.