kosher temecula

Where to Find Kosher Food in Temecula


Trader joe's

  • Consistent supply of kosher beef, chicken and turkey
  • Consistent supply of kosher challah, baked goods and snacks
  • Consistent supply of kosher wine


baron's market

  • Sometimes has frozen kosher beef and chicken
  • Sometimes has kosher challah and other baked goods
  • Sometimes has kosher wine


total wine and more

  • Permanent kosher wine section

Kosher Catering Service For Travelers

Kosher catering is a religious service provided by Chabad to members and visitors who need kosher meals. By submitting this form, you are confirming that your food needs are religious in nature. Kashrus is supervised by Chabad of Temecula and meals are prepared in the rabbi's home. Minimum order is $100 and orders must be placed at least 48 hours before pickup to ensure availability.

To place an order, click here.

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