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A proud fellow happily informed the Rebbe that he wanted to start educating his newborn son early.  The Rebbe responded, "You're 9 months late."  

Jewish education and B Mitzvah prep really starts from the womb, and at this time, we have two offerings:

  1. Jewish Kids Club- A monthly, light, experiencial program focusing on Jewish holidays.  The stories, foods, songs and meaning of the holidays with other Jewish kids are sure to boost their Jewish love and pride. 
  2. Weekly Hebrew/B Mitzvah tutoring- A more complete, weekly program focusing on Hebrew reading and B Mitzvah prep.  Small groups will help children learn and experience Judaism in a positive way.

Some Program details:

  • When

    • Both programs are on Sundays from 10:30 AM -12 PM.

    • Please contact us for the full calendar. First Kid's Club is on Feb 9th. First Hebrew Tutoring is on Feb 16th.
  • Cost
    • Kids Club- $60 for the rest of the 2020 school year.
    • Weekly Tutoring- $250 for rest of 2020 school year/child.
    • Tutoring package includes Jewish Kids Club
    • Chai Club disounts available.  If money is an issue, please contact us.
  • Enrollment
    • Kids Club- Simple online form below
    • Tutoring- Please fill out the PDF form in link below and email or bring in person to apply.


We us the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading Curriculum.  Reviewing for just two minutes a few days during the week makes a world of a difference.  Please click below for the sheets.

Childrens Programs

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