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Our main goal is to instill Jewish pride and joy in the children we teach. We accomplish this through (1) encouraging children to make Jewish friends, (2) learning the rich heritage and fundamentals of Judaism (3) learning to read Hebrew.

We strive to make each week memorable with engaging projects and full of thought provoking material to spark more discussion.


Our two hour program is divided into three, 30-35 minute sections separated by 5-15 minute breaks.

  • Story/prayers/Torah facts time
  • Lesson of the day and activity
  • Hebrew reading-Aleph Champ Curriculum 

The main lessons vary from year to year, however for 2-3 weeks before holidays, we focus on the upcoming holiday.

5782 Theme:

For 5782, we will spend 12 regular weeks focusing on 12 fundamentals of Judaism:

  • How does G-d think?
  • Who is G-d?
  • Trust in G-d
  • What makes me Jewish?
  • Is it possible to always do the right thing?
  • Biggest motivator to act right.
  • What is the world?
  • Lots to learn
  • Working hard
  • Why did G-d create the world?
  • Why I should always be joyful


Tuition is $650 per child for the 2021-22 school year (October-June) and $750 for the 2022-23 year (August-June).

A $100 discount per child is available for families on the Chai Club for $36/mo or more.

Tuition is for the full year, not per month.  Payment plans are offered as a courtesy. 

Two payment plans are available:

 PLAN A: Pay the entire amount in full. Please submit a check or include your credit card information (a 3% service charge will be added) below.

 PLAN B: Pay the annual tuition on a monthly basis over 6 months. Please submit an initial check of $150 per child, and 5 head checks for $100 per child. You can also sign up by credit card (a 3% service charge will be added).


Hebrew school enrollment also includes membership to the Jewish Kids Club, which meets 5 times throughout the year for pre-holiday activities.


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